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A move one performes while engaging in a fight.
There are 3 steps that occur in a 3 Piece And A Buiscit

1) Punch opponent in the face with your right hand in the right side of their jaw where the jaw bone connects to the skull with a haymaker. (Hit with knuckles and roll fist to break jaw)
2) Jab with the left into the nose.
3) Throw all of your weight and power into an upper cut.
(Hit left right left if left handed)

Also, you can add a hit in before you upper cut, and it will still be called 3 Piece And A Buiscit.
Person 1: Did you see Steven 3 Piece And A Buiscit that John?
Person2: Yeah, John got knocked the fuck out!!!
by Steven Schwartz March 17, 2008
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