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A strategy for nighttime comfort by which you have blankets cover 3/5 of your body at night to balance between cold and warm.
I couldn't figure out if I was hot or cold in bed last night, so I had to use the 3/5 compromise.
by ryatellsastory October 26, 2014
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the purchasing of 3 fifths of vodka and housing them between a small group of people
Kid 1: Bro i heard there is a huge party at sloppy's tonight im trying to get shitted on...
Kid 2: trying to put the 3/5 compromise in motion
by Press Release December 17, 2008
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A man or a woman who was represented as a nigger in the late 18th century. They have no right to speak in public to this day and they have no right to think.
Random dude: Look at that nigger Rajeev , he's 3/5 compromise.
by ilovewhitesupremecy March 31, 2017
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