When there is a dispute between a parent and child over whether the 2nd of December is a day void of school attendance, there shall be a competitive joust to decide who is the victor for that year. If both parties are knocked from their mount/bicycle then they shall continue in a duel till a clear winner is established.

The duel can be conducted with safe and boring equipment like pool noodles or as has been tradition, really really sharp jousting poles.

The rules stipulate the winner only has ruling over 2nd December, the year the Turbo Joust Duel Challenge was conducted. Further disagreements in further years require another Turbo Joust Duel Challenge.
Koby/Mason: Awesome, 2nd December. I dont have to go to school today.

Dez: The 2nd of December is a normal school day and you WILL be going.

Lightning flashes

Everyone: Where did you come from??!!

Travis: That does not matter for now, what matters is this can only be resolved by a 2nd Day of December Turbo Joust Duel Challenge.!
by To_the_Victor November 27, 2019
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