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A person in the army, or marines who thinks they know everything. After about 5 years of looking like a dumbass they learn some shit and get 1st lieutenant.
Hey 2nd lieutenant the captain told you to report to the pool on the 5th floor of the parking lot. Of course it has 5 floors not 3.
by Unkown15432 October 14, 2015
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No Bull Shit, and old hacker acronym which is usually used to signify that the talk will be serious.
User: I need to talk to you, NBS.
User2: ESAD, Noob.
by Heko July 17, 2004
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Aside from the actual rank and branches it belongs to, a 2nd Lieutenant can be described as a person in any branch of the armed forces across the world in a position equivalent to a commissioned officer of sorts, or any form of leadership.

A 2nd Lieutenant is a person who, while their rank or title does display leadership, their lack of experience does not (As for most militaries, you can be young and still be commissioned to be trained as an officer and immediately placed at the rank of 2nd Lieutenant, or something similar).

Someone described as a 2nd Lieutenant can be a person who thinks they know what they're doing or that they're better than everyone else, often going by the mentality of "Respect is given immediately because of my rank", when clearly it's not. A 2nd Lieutenant can also be described as someone who just lacks leadership or is incompetent at their job. Last, a 2nd Lieutenant can be someone who has the experience, but bosses around people they've barely worked with, usually with little concern for their thoughts on the matter.
A 2nd Lieutenant can be used in nearly any workplace scenario, for example:

New guy: "Alright guys I'm your manager now, I know I just got transferred and haven't talk to you all but we gotta get this, this, this and that done as soon as possible, understood?

Employees who've been there longer even if they're lower titles: *Groans in annoyance*
by The Fiz July 02, 2019
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