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Another slang for cough syrup containing codeine(Lean) well my slang of it anyways to honor the fallen member of a gang called TFG a.k.a The fucking guys; Mensa Kifle. Mensa was also an associated with the insane Cutthroat Gangsters gang (PBG) a.k.a Pooh Bear gang that resides on the Northside of Chicago known as the uptown or (Northpole).He was shot and killed on December 2, 2013 I'm a Big fan of Young Pappy and Mensa(2cups) they both were loyal friends to each other and I honor both of their names and Legacies.
:Amori "you want some of that strong shit that will make you pass out like codeine"?

:Me "Yeah I want me some of them 2cups"!!
by nolimitjd November 28, 2018
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2 cup is purple drank
try this 2 cup
by 2 cup mater May 11, 2018
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There are 2 cups, shit in one, piss in the other - mix the both together and eat it.
That 2 cups last night was lush as your shit conatined sweetcorn.
by genobben April 27, 2009
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