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Over the counter pills available in Canada that contain Asprin, Caffine, and Codeine. They are illegal in the U.S.
I went to Canada and picked up a bunch of 222's at the pharmacy!
by Sassy Jo March 29, 2008
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222 is a record label founded by Adam Levine it currently has 3 artists named, Matthew Morrison Rozzi Crane and Tony Lucca. Lucca's album was release in 2013 and it was called "With The Whole World Watching". Morrison's album was named "Where It All Began" and was also released in 2013. 222 is also a symbol for a fandom called "Marooners" or Maroon 5 fan's.
"Maroon 5 lead singer and 'The Voice' judge, Adam Levine recently created a record label "222 records"
by beotch from the ghetto January 02, 2014
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a hotel room used for women you just met...usually a cheap hotel that costs about $29/night
D: Hey Yo Tony...lets get us an ol' 222 (two twenty two) for these girls we meeting tonite!

T: Aight yo
by Hotel Owner September 25, 2006
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It means really or seriously depending on however the sentence goes but either makes sense. A term created & used in New Orleans, LA. Usually used in situations in which the person is laughing. Pronounced ~ two twenty two
Johnny: "what is green, slimy, and smells like pork?"

Laura: "what?"
Johnny: "Kermit the Frog's finger!"
Laura: "I'm 222 dead!!"
by th3ylovemarii October 03, 2017
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