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A 15-minute musical written by Lin-Manuel Miranda in 2014, based on a true story - similar to 21 Jump Street.
The musical is about Justin Laboy; who was an honor roll student in is last semester at Park Vista Community High School. He had fallen in love with a transfer student of the name Naomi Rodriguez - who was secretly a 25-year old undercover female officer from the Palm Beach Police Force. She was sent to PVCHS on the plan Operation D- to find out if anyone was buying and/or selling drugs on school property.
Justin had spent days trying to figure out how to win over Naomi - completely unaware of Operation D-, and when Naomi had asked if Justin smoked weed, Justin had instantly thought that she was looking for some drugs. He thought that if he got some for Naomi, he would win over her heart.
However, after Justin had given Naomi a baggie of marijuana, Naomi fled the school and the cops arrested Justin - along with several others from different schools. (Operation D- didn't only target PVCHS) Justin was put in jail for 1 week, and had three year's probation. No one has heard from "Naomi" after the incident, and 21 Chump Street is a well known musical amongst fans of Lin-Manuel Miranda.
*Nayomi has joined the chat*
Ariana: Nayomi, I know there's a reason you were transferred here to me.
Ariana: Nayomi, I know there's a reason this isn't luck, it's destiny.
Ariana: Nayomi, you know me - will you go to prom with me?
Nayomi: Everytime, someone just has to mention 21 Chump Street...
Ariana: YES
Nayomi: Fine, I'll go to prom with you.
Ariana: *three days later* NAYOMI-
*The End*
by Helpless Unicorn 💜 August 27, 2017
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