A slave (also nbit17)
I'm not doing the laundry I'm not black in the 1700's
by Jagra99 December 8, 2012
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You think 1700 is just a username? No, it’s the number of females who’s virginity he’s taken. He’ll turn you into a single mother by the end of the year. Those jealous of him insist he chose 1700 simply because all 1699 before him were taken. Little is known about this mysterious man who always says “Gn” but never sleeps. What we do know is that no one has ever seen his entire face. All pictures are just different variations of hat/phone/hoodie/hand. Unfortunately, all Gods have their flaws: 1700 is incapable of spelling. Incapable of finishing a thought without misspelling something.
1700 from iFunny: tosme tuck me in
1700: wsit

1700: haha sometone

1700: sormeone

1700: someone
by SophieAmiable April 11, 2019
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Don't fuck with them 1700 Westside MAFIA boys ! They ass always on the go and always dressed in yellow
Hey Scotty where you from

Scotty: yellow flags and body bags 1700 Westside MAFIA for life ni22a 2hunnid squad shii
by Tuhhhgfhh November 26, 2019
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