When you encounter a King James Onlyist you know exactly what I mean, they are often from the South or in rural communities often Independent Baptist and buy into everything Jack T. Chick feeds them. This is often known from Pensacola Christian College, Jackson Hole Bible College or other Independent Baptist backed pseudo-academia. They'd often claim that the earth is 6000 years old and claim human-dinosaur coexistence or some weird shit such as flood geology along with other Independent Baptist wingnuttery.
The website from Tampa, Florida, called Stuff Fundies Like catches the wingnuttery of the Independent Baptist sect and had a video of one of the churches.

The light blue blog on wordpress also weighed in on with "King James Only Examined" -- the wording these churches use such as "ye, thy, thine, thou, believeth, saith, etc" hence the term 1611 Speak as they urinate on modern language. They get torqued when you pull out Piss Drinking Bastard -- The Dark Bible website points out the things the 1611 preachers don't have the stones to include in their sermons. When they claim to be scholars you point out they were a Florida Baptism you hear a rage in them as they realize they had a Col 2:8 tossed in their face using modern language.
by illinoishorrorman January 28, 2018
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