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1337 means "leet" which means elite which refered to many advanced hackers. however, since the word has been overused and corrrupted by noobs, 1448 has taken its place. 1448 means the same thing as 1337 but it is less known and only advanced hackers know it, for now
"I r $0 1337!!11"

"dude that hack 1448"
"i no it took forever"
by pranavrulz September 16, 2007
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This is a frequently used term and is mostly only used to offend.

"14" represents the 14 words which are basically just about preservation of the white race and piss many people off. It's honestly hilarious.

"48" stands for 1948, the year German FΓΌhrer Adolf Hitler died.
A group of teenage friends conspiring on their private discord server to ruin a Club Penguin Island session:
1:- "I guess we'll each hold up a sign and say something mean. What can we say though? 1948 will get us instabanned, 1984 is not offensive enough, what can we do?"
2:- "Try 1448. None of the kids or mods will get it, but their parents will. It'll be fun"
by swntimentoffreedom May 11, 2019
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