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A skilled Roman Catholic person, 1337 Catholics seek to dominate n00bs and atheists, often typing the term

"resistance is futile, prepare to be baptized" in the chatbox during Counter Strike matches or WoW raids.

1337 Catholics follow the example of the Pwntif, who they claim is the "1337" pwnz0r of the Roman Catholic Church"

1337 Catholics are also flying ninjas, and will shoot lazers from their eyes to vanquish their foes.

Since resistance is Futile, the 1337 Catholic is the sworn enemy of the Playstation, preferring the PC, as 1337 Catholics are notorious Counter-Strike junkies.
Counter-Strike Gamer: WTFBANNANAS!!! HTF DID YOU KILL ME!?!

1337 Catholic: Resistance is futile, prepare to be baptized.

CS Gamer: ZOMFG!!! 1337 CATHOLIC!!!
by The Pwntif January 02, 2010
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