The Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 is a character of the Halo franchise, his only known name is John. He is known by many as SPARTAN-117, and more as the Master Chief, due to his rank. He is the last remaining SPARTAN-II as of late 2552. He was selected at the age of five to be in the SPARTAN augmentation program, meant to create super-soldiers to quell the Insurrection. The Insurrection was a rebellion from the UNSC. It was mostly destroyed by the end of the Human-Covenant War.

John, along with other SPARTAN-IIs, was augmented with various things. Not all SPARTAN-IIs survived, however. The survivors gained enhanced speed, strength, stamina, and agility. They were excellent tacticians and leaders due to their teaching of nearly every historically significant battle, and then some. In the end, though, John was lost after the destruction of UNSC Forward Unto Dawn. He was a hero, and died saving humanity.

Meanwhile, he has been mocked across the internet for the Halo story being poor and him being a 'fail'. While the story is not the greatest, surely it is not the worst, or it would be so bad it's good. Of course, your mileage may vary...

Please do not confuse with Mister Chief.
"lol mastur ch33f suckas my asshole

"which 1ne?"

"all eight lolololololoolol fuck u"

"Hmmm, this "Master Chief Petty Officer John-117" seems quite similar to other video game heroes."

"Yes, indeed."

"hai r u mster chif?"

"no im not a chef lolololololollollololooll1111"
by Darth Anonyseudonym December 27, 2010
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