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Utilizing at least five flounders to penetrate yourself (anally, vaginally, or otherwise) while whipping a Viking in a wetsuit to climax with your left hand, groping groups of children dressed as Danny DeVito with your right hand, eating out a porpoise by accident, stimulating a vibrator with your left foot, and petting a faux-British butler named Alfrench with your right knee, all to the rhythm of a dubstep remix of ABBA's hit song "Dancing Queen"
Frank: So outside the convention hall last week, I heard the two guys running the dentistry booth planning to reach 111th base. What the hell is that?
Jeff: 111th? The triple one is the deepest expression of human love and depravity in existence. It is the truest essence of sex. It involves Danny DeVito.
Frank: Oh god, that's sick.
Jeff: Yes, yes it is.
by Esprit d'internet May 29, 2012
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