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A giant dick with 11 inches glory
James had a 11 inch cock Jaiden had triple Ds they knew they didint know each other very well but they knew they wanted to fuck one day James knocked on jaidens apartment door she answered just in her bra and underwear he immediately said lets fuck she said ok and pulled him in on to her bed and ripped off his clothes he stoped and said u got a condom she said no she said I can't wait but I'm on my period but I can't wait I have to get my cock in you I'm so horny she got her bra off he got her panties off and immediately started fucking her she screamed with pleasure I want to show you something he started fucking even faster he wanted to cut but held back again he held back then he let it go and he cummed twice she cummed at the same time as him then jaidens roomate walked in with her bf they immediately jumped in but jaidens bf put a condom on and started fucking jaidens roommate Kat the condom broke but no one cares they fucked all night in the morning everyone left

A 11 inch dick is a dick that is 11 inches
by A 11 inch dick November 22, 2017
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