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105ers, are the people with that slightly above average IQ that makes them think they're geniuses because they've read Atlas shrugged. They're the type who smugly start sentences with 'studies show' and are basically the most cancerous subset of reddit culture, they enjoy 'nerd' hobbies that are really just dressed up versions of the same shitty mainstream hobbies they disdain. They epitomise Dunning Kruger, see a dumb person might just buy BTC or ETH or whatever because it's 'new tech' and they want free money, and a genius might understand how disruptive the tech is, but the 105, he reads one wiki article and thinks he's figured everything out.

Basically these people are cancerous and capable of such feats of mental gymnastics I have no doubt in my mind they go to sleep calmly justifying how it's all luck, even though these people will admit to envying the better looking (which is also luck) they act like they don't envy 'gamblers', but the truth is it's because they can't change their looks so they project their resentment outward, but they could have bought BTC and to protect their fragile egos they dismiss it.
I am tired of being lectured on how white genocide isn't real by 105ers.
by Bruiser Bradley February 19, 2018
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