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The growing critical mass of compassionate people who choose peace over war, kindness instead of anger and hate, goodness and love rather than cruelty and harm. The growing massive influx and sharing of information, truth, ideas, solutions and care in the techno-revolution and beyond feeds the critical mass during the messianic age.
1. Messianic age creates a growing renaissance of informed, caring people. Instead of being judgmental and critical of each other, people choose learning, discernment, self-respect, respect for others, compassion and kindness.
2. In the messianic age, finding how to make life and the environment a better place triumphs. People with religious beliefs are content to live their values no longer judging others. Religions acknowledge that in the messianic age, discoveries may continue beyond anything we were convinced we already knew. So being smug and graceless in doctrine and dogma stops ... no longer motivated by fear and limitations, but by compassion, improvement, kindness and love.

In the messianic age, people of all beliefs learn to get along like never before: "Can you belief it? That Christian has friends who are Muslims, Jews, Atheists, Agnostics, Sikhs--even some gay people. Never thought I'd see that in my life time!"

"Maybe because it's easier to be connected now with the Internet, and because they stopped nitpicking and judging each other."
"Ah, that makes sense. But what about the jihadists?"
"Even they have gotten tired of killing each other and themselves. What a waste."
by sunprism1366mepr January 04, 2014
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