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Refers to where you temporarily spin your rectangular mouse-pad a fraction of a turn so that you can roll the mouse diagonally along the pad for maximum "continuous travel-distance" before having to lift the mouse and bring it back up to the top of the pad again. Useful for when you need to move the cursor farther than an entire "top to bottom" or "left to right" sweep of the screen, such as if the web-page is extra long/wide, or if you are needing to view the page with the magnifier racked up considerably.
I always set my cursor's travel-speed at maximum so that I usually don't have to move the mouse very far to navigate the entire screen-area; once in a while I have to look at a really long column of text or images (like if I'm reading a large volume of text or shopping for items on a lengthy catalog-page), though, and so I do a 1/7-turn mouse-pad rotation to minimize my having to perform "fresh-bite hops" with the mouse.
by QuacksO April 03, 2019
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