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05 Clique was founded by Juggalos named Havok and Morbid. 05 Clique are a bunch of friend who gathered at a moments notice for parties and celebrations all over Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and other random states.

Havok and Morbid are celebrities with a few videos on Youtube and are known throughout the Juggalo Nation.

There were responsible for the Faygo Revolution at the First Gathering of the Juggalo in Novi, Michigan...

Faygo Revolution was also named on the song Dot Com on The Dark Lotus CD
The 05 Clique has many members around the world and are great party hosts...

this is a link to the Song Dot Com where Faygo Revolution was announced to the entire Juggalo Nation...
by MorbidVampire October 03, 2009
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