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An undercover mudshark (a.k.a. "double 0 mudshark" spelled out...a female who loves a big, throbbing soul pole pounding her piss flaps) like an undercover spy such as Agent 007 concealing her identity. So perhaps a white guy with a job hooks up with a former 00mudshark who had to give up on the big soulpole but tired of no job, and the white guy looks at some online photos and finds out he is dating a 00mudshark when he sees his girlfriend's pic with her driving Jer'LaMichael Washington-Brown to the Section 8 application office.
"Damn!, did you hear that mark-ass short white kid back in accounts payable was dating a 00mudshark, and didn't know 'til his sister saw a picture of his girlfriend in Cozumel on a trip she bought for them?!"
by boi1ermaker September 08, 2011
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