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The binary solo used in The Flight of the Conchords song; "The Humans are dead"
Can't we just talk to the humans?
A little understanding could make things better.
Can't we talk to the humans and work together now?
No, because they are dead
I said the humans are dead (he's right they are dead)
The humans are dead (sniff this one it's dead)
We used poisonous gasses (with traces of lead)
And we poisoned their **** (actally, their lungs)

Binary Solo!

O, O O 1, O O 1!
Come on sucker, lick my battery!

Boogie, boogie, boogie, robo boogie!
Boogie, boogie, boogie!

The Humans Are Dead!

Once again without emotion, the humans are dead dead dead dead dead dead dead doooooooooo.......
by TheCircle September 12, 2010
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