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-roflcopterspeed is a knock off of a command from the game of DotA Allstars. It originated in one game by a player named Smokey_the_bear. It is a knock off of a command called -movespeed.
It is used mainly as a diss, or a taunt.
After witch 522.00 should be said, which is the max movementspeed in dota.
Smokey_the_bear: -roflcopterspeed
Smokey_the_bear: wowow 522.00 bitches... I must be the true pwnage.
Teh_noob: -roflcopterspeed
Teh_noob: nothing happened... did I do it right?
Smokey_the_bear: Laff
by Andrew Ojeda September 15, 2005
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