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The -5 to 5 is a more logical rating scale than 1-10 having negative convey repulsion and positive convey attraction. It also has 11 choices instead of 10 and is useful in getting an honest rating without the baggage of the 1-10 scale.

-5 Extremely Repulsed, would not touch with a 10 foot pole
-4 Very ugly, but you are able to resist the urge to throw up in your mouth
-3 On the very ugly side no doubt but not the ugliest you've ever seen
-2 Definitely not good looking, maybe fat
-1 Not naturally blessed and maybe has a crooked nose or some defect
0 Neutral; No Opinion
1 Not very attractive, but not completely useless to look at
2 Decent looking but someone you are not very interested in
3 Very Attracted, you definitely think this person is attractive
4 Super attractive, but not quite the perfect person for you
5 Extremely Attracted, your type in every way
"Hey bro rate that girl on the -5 to 5 Scale."
"Ehh id give her a 2 shes not bad but i'm not really into her"
by TheKevinEffect March 24, 2016
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