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1. Used when you are shocked about what just happened and need to get the attention of the person who comitted the said shocking event. (As used in Dave Chappelle's Gang War skit)

2. Something Randy Jackson might say when it just doesn't work out during an American Idol audition.
1. ….“`Eh Dawg `Eh” Earl the Snake White called out after a rival member of the 19th Street Gangsters General Cornrow Wallace made minor contact with his shoes.

“`Eh …`eh Dawg `Eh! you stepped on my sneaker man!?!” The Snake knew then he would have to fight him…(Fight scene reenacted)… The snake was down but not out! He returned to the crews club house, and rallied the troops with a most impassioned speech….(speech reenacted)…

See Video Dave Chappelle Show - Gang Wars skit

2. "'Eh Dawg `eh...this just aint working you were off key your voice was all over the place. Don't quit doing the web dictionary thing dawg"
by Pimplimp DaShiznit February 07, 2011
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