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to navigate through an overly crowded hallway by walking close behind a bigger person, or one that is able to get through the crowd easier.
Guy 1: Dang, looks like gym class just ended.

Guy 2: Yep. Good thing there's Carl. We can go hallway drafting off of him.

Carl: 'Scuse me..need a little room..

Guy 1: He really worked up a sweat :P.
by Shrimpy1022 August 25, 2008
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When you're walking in the hall behind someone and you get into the awkward situation of trying to decide when to pass them and to what side.
"Dude i was so hallway drafting this fat girl in school. She smelled terrible."

"I wish there weren't so many hallway drafters at our school. They really piss me off."
by Totis April 02, 2010
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