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A woman who is strong, intelligent, independent, and delightful. This lady knows how to party and can still have good grades in the process. Although some may say UCSB girls are sleazy, those people have not met a true Gaucho woman. Be careful though, because UCSB girls will break your heart.
That UCSB girl has a better G.P.A than me!

A UCSB girl is incredibly beautiful!

I wish my girlfriend was a fine & smart UCSB girl!
by Brenda Yellow August 08, 2007
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Girls with a compilation of mpd's, multiple personality disorders, or probably the better acronym for munching penis daily. These girls might say they love their man, or might say they're not like 'those other girls', but given the proper setting, influential ho of a friend, or a sip of rasberrty smirnoff and these girls will transform into the great white of dick eaters making it possible for everyone in your crew to get laid; possibly all by the same girl, in the same night.
visiting friend: hey that girl's pretty cute over there, but I think she has a bf; You think i have a chance?

ucsb friend: dude, she's a UCSB girl, there's a reason why her bf isn't here. Just compliment her shoes, tell her nobody has to know, and most importantly that college is a learning experience.
by HOtamer September 07, 2006
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girl that seem to have an addiction to raw cock.OTHERWISE why would you study in UCSB, if you know that guys there likes to surf AND get laid? cos they like penis! they like that. yeah they like that! yeah! yeah! yeah...
What's you name babe?
Where are you from?
Nor cal, but i go to college in SB.
Nothing, nothing...
by davidthepenisslapper November 20, 2004
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