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Is a school located in Perth, well durh who couldn't think of that. Back in aussieland what the people always say. They wear long kilts/skirts and nice cardigans/jumpers. The girls can be bitchy when they hit yr9 or yr10 they usually have problems with bullying/drugs/pregancy.

how do i know this?

i went there.
i don't like it how so many people ending up going to Perth College and turned to be f**ked in the head.
by yeahyeahyeahs. January 09, 2009
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all girl school that is worse than hell. Uniforms are made for nuns and cost more than the school fees. Most girls become fake ass fags once year 7 starts and the school doesn’t do shit to help. Think they are the best school and don’t talk to guys. The school is a crackhouse😘
Perth college girl: omg my dad just brought me the iPhone X and I’m going to figi. Your so poor
Me: ok ur gay
by ilovemymumlol April 22, 2019
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