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"The most beautiful, cute, cuddly, sexy, courageous, badass, smart, funny, exciting, super-duper, special, unique person around. InsertAnyFirstName has sex like a psychopathic, horny chimpanzee high on ecstasy, but is also there for you when you are dying inside and just need someone to hug." Basically, the best person ever whose name you add to urbandictionary because you're so fond of them.

But don't be fooled, this really isn't a valid system for voicing admiration because for every single first name you can think of, there is a description on urbandictionary saying that that particular individual is the best. While InsertAnyFirstName supposedly holds every possible good quality a person can possess, it doesn't really matter because the majority of people reading the description of InsertAnyFirstName don't give a shit at all. Since everybody who has a first name has a description on urbandictionary, that obviously means that there is a flagrant amount of insincerity going on and that most people disagree over who really is the "best." Moreover, said descriptions are often strewn with the most atrocious grammatical mistakes ever to occur in humanity's history, thus making the comments even more stupid to those reading them:
Girl: Bordinakonquo is the most amaaaazing guy evar!!!! He is a gigntic freake in bed and is always their wen u need sumone to litsen!!!!! All hsi broz bow to him wen he wlks in th rooom. And most of al, he's th mostt loveable man aliev!!!

Other Girl: Really? That sounds exactly like the description I saw the other day for InsertAnyFirstName!...*compares names* It is the same!! You're an insincere, stupid bitch!
by jokerman15 October 21, 2011
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by ecogoth December 30, 2020
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