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An art in which careful movements of the hand and fingers orchestrate in an attempt to do something 1337 or of high skill. This is something that can only be obtained by being pro like Tom. The absence of pro-ness or lack thereof restricts people of properly using such an art correctly, much like Matt.

The art of <fingermovements> has been known to enable such things as the magic opening of doors and the sudden change of lights to green at stoplights on high-speed drives towards Boston's Pizza while being 15 minutes late to a pre-arranged social gathering with noobs.

Few people today have managed to master such an art, as it is only for the very l33t, but people with very high levels of skill have been known to be capable of actually reading people's minds (much like Edward Cullen) and changing their thoughts to agree with their argument.
* Gina embarrases Puzak *
Puzak: Fuck you Gina.
Gina: You know what screw you Puzak, you're super rude.
Puzak: Orly? Well I'm not being your friend anymore.
Gina: Fine.

* Two weeks later *

Puzak: Hey Gina.
Gina: Wot?1
Puzak: <Fingermovements>
Gina: Woah, why was I made atchu again lol? Les be frenz =D.
by Brad133754uc3 November 19, 2008
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