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The smowney face. It either represents schizophrenia or indecision. I'm not sure which one. Can also be written as ):)
It is used most effectively when you want to laugh at something but are afraid to due to either the content or risk of offending someone.
Example 1
Person 1: Ha, that was a f***'n LOLocaust.
Person 2: (:(

Example 2:
Facebook quiz:
Person 1 completed the quiz "Who is your Celebrity Twin?" with the result Your twin is Kim Kardashian!.
You are full of sexy curves and constantly apply gloss to those luscious lips! You are envied by women and wanted by men. Those curves can be deadly, so watch out for those crazy, curvy breasts, and that round, plump ass! .

Comment: (:(
by Asparagus Smoke November 20, 2009
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