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Ebonics are the simplification and shorthand of American English. Other definitions on Urban Dictionary have a negative perspective of Ebonics mostly because of the content of what is said. While that is relevant information it doesn't quite get at the root of what Ebonics is, which is a language device for efficiency. In that way it is Permaculture and a very beautiful thing indeed.
'Love' Ebonics are how Twista can say:

"I'm rippin a rap and then rockin a rhythm and ring in my tongue I'ma bend em
And flow with a lyric it's steppin inside em
And get with the funk I be pumpin up in em
With this and it's the..."

in 4 seconds. From the song Mista Tung Twista:

It's Poetry which is Art which is Love.
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by 85036720 January 29, 2017
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