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The single most important day in history. They are simply the ones that led the #KONY2012 movement with their savvy knowledge of social media. Right now, there are no consequences. There will be, but they will rise up and overcome any social or political backlash. With the biggest solar flare in 5 years occurring today, us guys would have to assume they are going to leave this planet for good. Bittersweet symphony. We are going to miss them, kind of. With this, their attributes are going to level up to a magnitude never seen before. This is written at 8:13AM... Keep updating this post with astronomical news!
Women, can't live with them, can't live without them. What are we gonna do when the solar flare occurs? I am lamenting #internationalwomensday2012!!!

Women, can't live with them, can't live without them. They just disappeared!! I knew they were from a different planet as soon as that fuckin solar flare hit!

That damn solar flare and that damn #internationalwomensday2012! My profits been swept underneath the floor!

There were invisible children everywhere! No blood, no screaming, no labour no nothing!! The kids just appeared and they were tied to puppies.

Thanks to #internationalwomensday2012. A woman candidate has not only entered the United States Presidential Race. She has already swept the hearts and minds of the International Public with her charisma, style and faboulousness. She has decided to skip most of the legal and political stuff and get down to the core issues of the American Public, which shoes go with this Super Power Suit she designed herself and distributed 20%off to all the International Women out there!

Most of the secretarial jobs for guys have depleted due to the iPhone and other smart phones.

The solar flare did not knock out the power grid. #womensinternationalday2012! on twitter did.

Valentine's Month, #KONY2012, the Solar Flare. They kept the biggest conspiracy quiet until it was way too late!
by seemikeread March 08, 2012
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