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1) A state of mind, body, and soul that transcends man-made limitations,

2) A lifestyle of limitless exploration,

3) A shit-ton of sex-lube.
Pissing excellence is the first sign you're living the #LubeLife.

Shitting a gold brick is the highest #LubeLife level seen to date (11/10/2017).

#LubeLife, great for fucking.

"Should we wait in line or just get bottles? Fuck it, let's live the #LubeLife."
"Grab your best friend and your mom. I got the #LubeLife."
"My girlfriend was #LubeLife'n last night. The bottle became a toy."

Q: "How much did that cost?" A: "I don't know." (implied #LubeLife reference)

Q: "Have you heard of #LubeLife? What is it?" A: (question-recipient begins choking out the question-poser. no words were spoken)
by Bud light, suck one November 10, 2017