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I got the shit kicked out out me
Im hurt
(Used in IM conversations)
# is represented as a bruise on the head, like in old fashinoned cartoons
Alexandra: Hey Tommy baby, wazup?
Tommy: NM, #:(
Alexandra: Awww...poor baby
Tommy: So doz tht mean u cn cm ovr?
Alexandra:, im going shopping
Tommy: ;......(
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Used when you wish to communicate that you think that either you or the person you are communicating to is being a bit dim.
The # stands for a dunce cap.
And is overall a relatively cheeky smiley that isnt meant to be used offensively.
But can be.
Ahhh that was stupid, #:)

Hahahha you are a bit silly


a varient

OMG i missed that question out! #:(
by ROBERT Cranium May 15, 2009
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