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The well-known mouse-maneuver that you perform while impatiently waiting to watch a YouTube video. As soon as your desired video loads up on the screen, you immediately zip your cursor over to the "you can skip ad in __ seconds" and breathlessly wait for the seconds-ticker to count down to "0" and switch to "skip ad".
Nowadays, YouTube makes us "suffer 'n' simmer" through **two** boring commercials --- instead of just one --- before our requested video starts, and so we haft do da "skip ad" cursor-hover **twice** before we get to view da precious video dat we went on YouTube to watch --- and no, Toyota; dis is NOT "dat one time dat we like da fifteen-second ad better than da video dat follows"! What a loada bull-crap --- for your info, we **never** like ANY of da 0%!$@# YouTube ads, no matter WHAT they're about!
by QuacksO June 11, 2018
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