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Jake Blues, the elder of the two Blues Brothers, was imprisioned for five years, for holding up a gas station to cover the band's room service tab in a gig in Tijuana. He was released on parole after three years, for good behaviour, and was picked up by his brother, Elwood. After a fully religious experience, he decided to put the band back together, to raise money, and to pay the taxes on the orphanage in which he and Elwood grew up. He was played by John Belushi, who died before Blues brothers 2000 came out.
"Sell me your children!"
"Bring me four fried chickens, and a Coke."
"You traded the Bluesmobile for a MICROPHONE? ... I can see that."

Holy crap, "Joliet" Jake Blues did all his own dancing.
by RoboTribble April 26, 2006
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