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What each of da five super-cool "non-verbose" twenty-somethings in da iconic "five full super-size cups of coffee and approaching a railroad track" Ford Focus commercial was meaning by their each just saying the word "Dude" once.
"Dude" translations (zheesh --- just one single word can speak volumes, eh???):
First "Dude": "Be a schuper schweet pal and hold my coffee for me so that I can drive."
Second "Dude": "Ummmm... there's a railroads track comin' up --- I think you'll want to slow down so that we don't all get coffee-showers...?"
Third "Dude": "There's a RAILROAD TRACK coming up --- remember that ya gots FOUR OTHERS in da car here b'sides yerself who would greatly prefer not to have coffee-soaked work-outfits, thank you very much!"
Fourth "Dude": "We all have these humongous brim-full cups of joe back here --- there is nothing we can do to avoid spilling them all over your nice new seats if we hit a bump too hard!"
Fifth "Dude": "Don't say we didn't warn ya --- unavoidable brown-liquid tidal-waves impending!"
Driver's slightly-irritated "Dudes": "Honestly, friends --- doncha think that I as da driver know what I'm doing?! Chill out, people --- it's cool --- we're ALL cool! We're five of da coolest 'dudes' on da road right now!"
Final triumphant "Duuudesss!": "Wow --- you were right --- we DIDN'T hafta worry! Never spilled a drop --- amazing! --- here we were all gettin' majorly spazzed out fer nuthin'!" :D
by QuacksO July 10, 2018
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