way to write the word bye bye using the ! and the 3as a "b".
yo im out so !3ye. l8r !3ye.
by El syrup March 11, 2008
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A way to address someone in parting. 3ye is used when you need space from someone who you are hurt by or overwhelmed with... but you know you will never, ever, leave them no matter what. You tried. It's not possible. Molecular love 🌬❤️ 🔥
Tyler had to say 3ye to Felicia because he could not repress the instinct to attack anything that revealed his internal struggles or made him feel vulnerable.

Tessa wept as she said 3ye to Frank. She didn't know how to let go of the ball if he continued to throw it to her. She loves him unconditionally.
by OliverHart2UB May 19, 2023
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An underrated Kpop girl group, consisting of 3 members. Park Yurim, Yoon Ha-eun, and son Yu-ji
Stan 3YE
by @Teojil on tiktok January 17, 2021
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