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An ovary's primary function is to produce the female reproductive cells, or ova. They also secrete the sex hormones estrogen and progesterone, which regulate menstruation and control the development of the sex organs. When an egg matures, it is released and passes into the fallopian tube towards the uterus. If the ovum is fertilized by the male reproductive cell or sperm, conception happens and pregnancy begins. An ovary is normally firm and smooth and is about the size of an almond.

The phrase "my ovaries just exploded" is a reference mostly said by women after seeing an adorable baby or small child. The idea behind it is very similar to the other closely related definitions (seeing/sensing someone attractive and thus producing more estrogen); however, this is specifically tied to a biological drive or need for bearing children. This is not to say someone using this phrase wants to have a child, or doesn't already, but it is an exclamatory statement proving how incredibly physiologically motivating seeing adorable children are on those desires.
Example 1:

Alex: Let me show you a picture of my 6 month old dressed up as a lady bug for Halloween...
Samantha: OMG that is so adorable...My ovaries just exploded.
Alex: WHAT?! Are you ok?
Samantha: HA! Nothing is wrong. Your daughter is just too cute!!

Example 2:

Kristine: Did you see those bulldog puppies licking the face of my niece.
Brittney: Seriously. My ovaries just exploded. Puppies and Babies. Ridiculous.
Kristine: I know. I can't decide which is cuter.
by dixie_belle November 03, 2013
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