2 definitions by zak rolf nate

the act of performing sex on someome int he gogeta position.(ie. anal sex is in the anal tract)
Tim: what did u do last night?
George: me and the wife had some gogetal sex.
by zak rolf nate May 31, 2005
a sexual position used in gay sex, and straight sex.
1: when a males sticks his reproductive member to another males rprocductive memvber, causing the second males reproductive member to be forced inward. this creates a hole quiet like the vaginal opening of a female, alowing the first male to perform acts of sexual intercourse on the other male.
2:when a male sticks his reproductive unit into a females vaginal opening but accidentally, or purposly probes the urinary tract of the female. the acidity of the females urine will give the males reproductive unit a sensational burn that can be quiet pleasing(note: too much acidic urine will eat away at the males reporductive unit)
however, the gogeta cannot be performed by two females in any way shape or form, it is simple physics.
1: Dude, i will fuck you in the gogeta anyday.

2:I'll fuck you in the gogeta, you whore!
by zak rolf nate May 31, 2005