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she is a beatiful girl with long hair. She is lation or spanish. She is either tall or short. Her beaty can become the catcher of your eye. She has those sunny bright eyes even though it's brown. Her smile brings joy to every guy. Some times it almost make you scared to speak or be around her cause you're worry you'll do something stupid. She's fun to talk to and easy going, but she love to talk and have lots of fun. She love hugs even she feels bad or sad. She's a great kisses and lover. She's yellow skin or red skin with light brown hair and she has full beatiful lips OR small. She's emotional and shy at times and childish at times but sahe can be serious too. She is someone you can fall in love with and may fall in love with you.
Cubania: tall or short, beatiful, smart, kind, seriuos at times, childish, crazy, bright, shy, emtional, cool , funny, happy, yellow skin or red skin, long hair, brown hair or etc, layed back, smily, caring, and so much more that i can't even type or say i just know that sh is amazon.:)!!!
by young cheesy November 29, 2012
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