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We are a town in southern PA that bleeds green. DELCO to be exact. Very sports oriented. However, you find all walks of life that are or are not welcomed every where around. Most likely, you will find people who yell too loud, are too opinionated, drink alot, and are damn proud of where they came from. Ridley is not a town, it is who you are. Good or bad - we take it. The Ridley people you meet have been friends with their friends forever - and nothing will come between that. And their parents have been friends with their friends... you get the point. We dont joke around - we have pride and are very loyal and very "spirited."
Oh, you're a ridley girl? You can drink!

My roomate was from Ridley, and is friends are the biggest ass holes - but great guys!

I knew some Ridley guys - they dont joke around.

by yougotit October 24, 2008
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