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(noun) A printed receipt. (informal)
(verb) To save a receipt

"Scrip scrap the scrip scrap"- "Save/hold on to the receipt."

scrip-scrappin' (verb) - act of saving receipts for future reference
scrip-scrapped (adj. PT) - (referring to a receipt): stored, archived
1. I bought my groceries in such a hurry that I left before the cashier could pass me my scrip scrap.

2. Gettin' the most out of your tax returns, you best be scrip-scrappin'.

3. I'm not sure if the one I bought is the right one, so I scrip-scrapped ma scrip scrap.

4. This comes with a 30 day free trial, don't lose the scrip scrap!
by yotsick February 23, 2012

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