1 definition by yoimcool26

jersey is full of druggies pot heads and sluts. BUT we love it. we got the worst schools but good fights. we say wooder, tawk, cawfee yo and dude a lot and we loveee saying legit. animal braclets are the bomb! if u dont have any then u dont live in township. ITS JERSEY! not josiey, no one says that! no one in jersey calls it NEW jersey. wawa franks pizza and regal is the place to be. soda not pop or cola. we say yea not yes and its cuz not because and hanging out at skater's choice in 6th grade ment that u were "cool" but now if u go to a party and bring beer ur cool.yo smoking weed at the bus stop is wat everyone does. hogies and cheesesteaks- yea man. jersey and philly have the best cheesesteaks and pizza. fast food almost every night its down the shore not the beach. carnavials=<3 there are so many hollister fags. clearview sucks ass! we say ur mom a lot and we talk about sex in almost every sentence and we curse a lot not cuss, curse! yea we can drive, its not us thats the problem, its u so fuck off yea we are stuck up so if ur from jersey u think ur better then everyone else and its true dont mess with us, we got italian or irish tempers. we are very random people. peace to u and ur mother.
new yorker: i can kick your joisey ass! your so gay from south jersey and all now go and get me some water

jerseyian: naw man i will fuck u up so fuck u, u fucking cunt get ur own damn wooder btw ur mom is a great fucker
by yoimcool26 February 10, 2010