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the most beautiful girl in the world, no one compares to her and no one ever will, her beauty is unmatchable. She is a goddess in human form, she is perfection and she has the best smile in the world, the kind've smile you could look at and fall right back in love with her all over again. Her eyes are dark blue, you could stare into them for a long time getting lost and lost like a ship at see.. no one will ever compare to Aimee, she is beautiful, amazing, perfect, cute, gorgeous and any man that has her is the luckiest man in the world.
Guy 1: Wow, she is beautiful...
Guy 2: Damn is she your girl?

Guy 1: Yeah, i'm the luckiest guy in the world!
Guy 2: Damn right you are! don't treat her bad!

Guy 1: she's a angel, I wouldnt dare, She's my beautiful Aimee.
by ydluog April 29, 2011

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