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A moderately comical, moderately serious sub reddit on the website Reddit.com, devoted to anything relative to atheism.

Many people call r/atheism a circle jerk because many of the active members will post about popular fallacies or misconceptions within various religions. Many think this is circle-jerking because they think most who are subscribed will automatically up-vote the posts for the sole fact that; they are correct (as example); " 'x' quote from 'x' religious text IS hateful and ignorant! Haha ".

Another large opinion about r/atheism is that every active member is an asshole. This stems from the fact that r/atheism often posts about how; 'x' religion is ridiculous for outlining 'x' idea which is clearly ignorant/hateful/ridiculous. In reality, the posts in r/atheism are not mean, but are often strongly opinionated against any form of hate, ignorance, and stifling of curiosity or knowledge inside of any religion; and easily-offended people claim that this makes the active members assholes.
Bob: "I'm subscribed to r/atheism!"

Jeff: "Screw them, it's a circle-jerk of assholes!"

Bob: "Jeff, your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries."

Jeff: *sobs*
by yayapfool August 14, 2012

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