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The Alpha and the Omega of being a right vicious bastard. Will insult you for being stupid, ugly, annoying or just plain existing. Is often found to be crude, offensive, foul mouthed and just a plain bastard. He isn't a mile wide chavboy (note the lack of an e you REMF, learn to fucing spell before you go insulting me....err...xamm)or a lamer of Shit. He is most definetly however a spewer of filth.

But (and this is a big but although not as large as fatbob's ¬_¬) if you get t oknow him, he's an laright guy. Piss him off though and he'll rip the shit out of you.
xamm, please cave my face in with a brick.

Not now Tim, I'm busy slaughtering your family.

You....you....xamm !!!!!!!
by xamm January 31, 2005

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