1 definition by xXx_thicc_lesbian_dragon_xXx

Levon is an interesting carachter. He is well thought out and smart, he can also get creative sometimes too. He is strong, and very loyal (as long as you don't piss him off). He hates stupidity, but not much else. That Elton John song doesn't apply to him however, but Levon will be an all loving person and makes a good boyfriend ; ). He can get really dirty and is down to try anything but drugs. He will care for anyone and anything and he also likes Engineering and can help you with any kind of problem. He knows every kind of porn known to man. Levon is overall a loving, caring, smart, strong, creative, and kinky person, he may not have many friends, but doesn't mind attention or being around people. He likes to share his love, and perfers to develop an emotional bond with any girl he dates (if he is able to).
Man, she should really date him, he is really a Levon person, perfect for her.
by xXx_thicc_lesbian_dragon_xXx November 07, 2018
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