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A disappointing anime series contaminated with fillers and rather poor animation roughly 95% of the time-- and an excellent manga if the sh┼Źnen genre is your thing. Fans of this series, often derogatorily referred to as Narutards, do not always (and in some cases, rarely) belong to the stereotype in which they are categorized. Many people that highly dislike the series believe that the characters' colorful clothes defeat the purpose of being a ninja. These people are also evidently oblivious to the fact that the ninja originated in Japan. The Japanese ninja of the era in which these characters are based from had no specific clothing, and were not portrayed in the stereotypical black suits seen in popular Western culture.
Naruto certainly is not the best anime/manga title on Earth, and as a matter of fact, it isn't even close. But a person can't be wrong in saying it is enjoyable to them or a personal favourite; and it isn't shit simply because you feel superior when you say so.
"You like Naruto?"

"Me? Yeah."

"Much like the majority, I'm going to make the biased assumption that you exclaim '--BELIEVE IT!' in public areas and want to fuck the main character because of the small, insignificant amount of information I have received about your interest in Naruto. I am extremely intelligent."

"Please get your head out of your ass."
by xKenshin February 22, 2009

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