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(n.) Damsel syndrome is a common affliction amongst women, particularly those who grew up watching Disney movies or reading fairy tales.
Damsel syndrome is thought to be caused by women's desire to be "traditionally" feminine in the interest of attracting a partner, though in serious cases Damsel Syndrome can lead to becoming an annoying, needy, self-victimizing, dumb bitch.

A female with Damsel Syndrome will often play off a partner's willingness to be the "white knight" to her "damsel in distress" by consistently becoming more and more demanding. If denied their way, people with serious cases of DS often resort to emotional manipulation or crying.
Bob: My lady broke a nail while raiding the shopping mall. With my credit card. I gotta go pick her up.
Tom: Just go get the card and leave her there... bitch got damsel syndrome.
by xKVMx June 14, 2015

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