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A scene girl is whiney and has choppy layers in her hair, It can be long, or shorter. It must be either black with blonde, or random colours with blonde. They wear uber skinny ass tight jeans, with ballet flats or converese. Tight randomly sloganed T's, or laces tank tops in random colours. They like pearls and little girl clips in their hair. They say things like " sex, cunt, whore, rad, uber, !!1, Sup Nig, kthxbai, kdie, I hate you, guns go bang" ect... They are OBSESSED with pirates, ninjas and robots. Don't ask why, that's just the way it is in the scene... They think they're the best...and well..they are...and that's why people dislike them so much. Forget the whales, save a scene girl....
An example of a Scene Girl conversation.

xcuntxcorex: Ommmgahhhh!!11 YOU're TEH Sexx...
XXrobotxwhoreXX: nahhh nigg...you're TEH SEXXX...last night was uber rad..uber sex...
xcuntxcorex: are yooh going to teh sex show 2nite?
XXrobotxwhoreXX: yooh bet your UBER SEX BOTTOM I am!!!11313241241...it's going to be teh SEXXX!! ... SEXX
by xHailee September 25, 2007

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